Detoxification to promote a healthy body, mind & spirit

What is detoxification?

Detoxification includes the way our bodies identify, neutralize and eliminate toxins that are unhealthy for us. These includes substances such as toxins and poisons from our environment (air/water); in our food (preservatives, colorings, pesticides, hormones, etc.); by- products from internal chemical processes; and residues from recreational and therapeutic substances, alcohol and narcotic withdrawal therapies are serious medical conditions and require close medical supervision.

Several Types of toxins (internal/external) that contaminate our bodies:
  • Destructive negative emotions; stress, fatigue, lack of purpose
  • Anti-nutrients in food and drinks; High salt & sugar content, trans-fats, caffeine, colorings, preservatives, added hormones and antibiotics, over cooked and fried foods
  • Chemicals; Pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, solvents
  • Heavey metals; mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, tin and aluminum
  • Allergens; mold,dust pollen, and chemicals
  • By-products from our body’s chemical processes; nitrogen, carbon dioxide, bile, urea and stool
  • Organisms; bacteria, viruses, yeast, parasites and worms

The major body systems that work together to digest and absorb nutrients, and eliminate toxins out of each cell from the tissues, organs, blood, skin and gut

Liver and Gall Bladder-Kidneys-Gut-Skin -Lungs -Lymphatic System -Circulation System-Mind/Brain

10 Basic components of any detox program should include:
  • Spiritual balance; Meditation, find purpose, love God, love yourself, love others and forgiveness.
  • Healthy Nutrition; As clean and organic as possible: Fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing, filtered water, alkaline water, vegetable protein
  • Execricse; Walking, stretching, bouncing, yoga, Pilates, etc….
  • Regular Sweating; sauna, steam room, hot room, etc…
  • Body works; massage, acupuncture, etc
  • Regular Evacuation ;at least once bowel movement per day, herbal coffee enemas, gentle laxatives, colonics. (not all herbs are healthy just because they are natural)
  • Skin brush
  • Natural chemical free deodorant; under arms lymphatic nodes should be clean and clear, free of chemical and metals contained in conventional deodorants like mercury.
  • Break juice fast or detox program; slowly with green salads, vegetables broth or soup, steam vegetables, legumes, smoothies, etc… (preferably home made)
  • No Chinese food; or anything containing MSG while detoxing and 3 days after

There are many detox approaches, and there is no evidence that one is better than the next. Our detox programs are designed to be safe, refreshing and empowering. You may change it as necessary to meet your own needs. All of our detox programs include a high mineral fresh juicing diet, oral replacement of probiotics (friendly bacteria) enzymes to promote absorption, colon cleanse and therapeutic activities to promote blood circulation and elimination of toxins. The variation use of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spice detox teas and natural supplements and products, are designed to target a specific detox approach such as parasites cleanse, heavy metal or liver flush, etc.

Our different detox programs
  • Juice fast detox- it is more general to empty colon toxins, promotes absorption and circulation. It includes vegetable juice with apple juice, detox tea.
  • Weight loss detox-it is a sugar free detox juicing fast to detox and lose weight.
  • Liver & Gall bladder flush- it is a high malic acid diet that includes apple juice, olive oil and Epson salt.
  • Parasite cleanse- it is a very strict sugar free juicing with herbs & supplements to target different kinds of parasites and worms
  • Heavy metal cleanse; it is a cilantro base drink with other herbs to bind out with metal molecules in the gut for easier disposal

Entire Detox Week

Remember by day 1 of the detoxification you must have prepared for a few days prior to starting. For the entire detox week, eliminate all flesh foods/meats (fish, beef, pork, lamb, poultry etc.) refined sugars (white/brown high fructose corn syrup) and artificial sweeteners (saccharine, aspartame, and Splenda), use small amounts when necessary (stevia, honey, maple syrup, molasses) and avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, cigarettes, chocolate and recreational drugs for the entire week.

Our detox juice fast programs are not intended to be a “one size fits all” to all people. Everybody is different in age, gender, lifestyle, diet, health issues and medications we suggest a detox plan accordingly.

Preparation is important for about at least 1-7 days prior to starting any detox fast. It depends on your diet and elimination process. If you have a high protein diet and carbohydrate diet, are taking narcotics or pain medication, you may need a 2-7 day food preparation. Start to slow down and eliminate the high protein, carbohydrates, high salt and sugar content and replace them with greens, vegetables, salads, broths, soups, seeds and nuts. Use sea salt and replace sugar with stevia. If you are hypoglycemic, you may take honey, maple syrup, or agave. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to stop or cut down on carbs, sugars, and fruit (may take green apples, berries, pineapple) and replace them with greens, salads, vegetables, proteins such as seeds, nuts, whey, soy, chia seed, flax seed etc. The parasite cleanse is similar to the weight loss preparation. Supplement fiber is important prior and during detoxification process. However, if you are constipated, it may be contraindicated and should wait until you have your first colonic session to have your first dose of supplement fibers.

Precautions and Expectations

  • Detoxification crisis
    Common and temporary symptoms of detoxification include headache, feeling lousy, fatigue, weakness, cramps, diarrhea, mood changes. These symptoms are due to different factors including the movement and dislodging of toxins, low blood sugar, low fluids, electrolyte imbalance, withdrawal from sugars, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine etc. Cravings; sugars and carb craving are stronger in the first 3 days.
  • Dehydration
    It is common during fasting and detoxing; make sure you drink all your fresh juices assigned and lots of fluids about 8-10 glasses of water a day and try to avoid caffeinated drinks.
  • Loss of friendly intestinal bacteria
    Probiotics or friendly bacteria live in the intestinal area and its major job is to fight infections, and unfriendly disease causing organisms. Friendly bacteria is attacked and damaged by having a high processed diet, a PH imbalance, excessive antibiotics,medications other toxins and chemicals. By having a colonic session, some of the friendly bacteria may be washed out, and 50-100 billion live cultures daily is recommended especially when detoxing
  • Getting Started
    Call for a consultation or to start your first treatment. More information is giving at your first visit, depending on the detox program you choose to follow.
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